Participial Phrases from Book 2

Identify the underlined participle in each excerpt from the Aeneid. You must use this format: "tense voice participle." Then choose the correct translation for the excerpt.

For help with the principal parts, click here.

1. īnfandum dolōrem

Your Identification: 

not speaking the grief
not intending to speak the grief
the grief that has not been spoken
the grief that is not to be spoken

2. cadentia sīdera

Your Identification: 

the falling stars
the stars having fallen
the stars about to fall

3. frāctī bellō

Your Identification: 

being shattered in war
having been shattered in war
having shattered in war
shattering in war

4. fātīs repulsī

Your Identification: 

driving back by the fates
being driven back by the fates
having been driven back by the fates
having driven back by the fates

5. sectā abiete

Your Identification: 

with cutting pine
with cut pine
with pine having cut

6. virum sortītī corpora

Your Identification: 

having chosen bodies of men
choosing bodies of men