A.P.* Multiple Choice: Background to Our Story (Aeneid 1.23-28)
* = Abney Practice

Read this opening passage from the Aeneid.
Then choose the correct answer for the questions that follow. 

Ekkehard's Waltharii Poesis


Id metuens, veterisque memor Saturnia belli,
prima quod ad Troiam pro caris gesserat Argis—
necdum etiam causae irarum saevique dolores
exciderant animo: manet alta mente repostum
iudicium Paridis spretaeque iniuria formae,                       5
et genus invisum, et rapti Ganymedis honores.

Aeneid 1.23-28

(Excerpt from the Aeneid, available online here: Book 1. )

1. What fear does id metuens refer to in line 1?
that the storm will overwhelm the Trojan fleet
that Troy will fall
that Rome will destroy Carthage
that Carthage will usurp Rome’s destiny

2. What doesn’t quite make sense about the phrase
    veteris . . . belli (line 1)?
The veterans of the war are mostly Greek.
At the time of the story, the war was not old news.
Aeneas was not a handsome veteran.
Everyone remember the war.

3. Who is Saturnia (line 1)?

4. Who are the caris Argis (line 2)?

5. What kind of genitive is found in the phrase causae
(line 3)?
possessive genitive
subjective genitive
objective genitive
descriptive genitive

6. What is the correct scansion of the first four feet of

    line 4?

7. What is the allusion spretaeque . . . formae (line 5)?
the insult done by Paris
the rejection of Dido
the sacrilege of stealing the Palladium
the defilement of Minerva’s temple

8. Why are the Trojans a genus invisum (line 6)?
They are hated for starting the Trojan War.
They are illegitimate descendants of Jupiter.
They hate the Greeks for their treachery.
They have no home.

9. What is the reference in the words rapti . . . honores
    (line 6)?
honor stolen from Menelaus by taking Helen
the glory in capturing the enemy leader
worship refused to Juno
a Trojan prince who was a favorite of Jupiter