A.P.* Multiple Choice: In the Eye of the Storm (Aeneid 1.102-12)
* = Abney Practice

Read this passage about the Trojan fleet in the heart of the storm in the Aeneid.
Then choose the correct answer for the questions that follow. 

For vocabulary help, move the cursor over the underlined words, and a definition will appear.

The Aeneid


Talia iactanti stridens Aquilone procella
velum adversa ferit, fluctusque ad sidera tollit
franguntur remi, tum prora avertit et undis
dat latus, insequitur cumulo praeruptus aquae mons.
hi summo in fluctu pendent; his unda dehiscens                5
terram inter fluctus aperit, furit aestus harenis.
tris Notus abreptas in saxa latentia torquet
(saxa vocant Itali mediis quae in fluctibus Aras,
dorsum immane mari summo), tris Eurus ab alto
in brevia et Syrtis urget, miserabile visu,                         10
inliditque vadis atque aggere cingit harenae.

Aeneid 1.102-12

(Excerpt from the Aeneid, available online here: Book 1. )

1. What is the correct translation of talia iactanti

    (line 1)?
When he has spoken such words
With such words having been spoken
To him while he is speaking such words
When he says such things

2. Which wind is Aquilo (line 1)?
southwest wind
east wind
north wind
west wind

3. What figure of speech occurs in line 2?

4. What danger occurs in tum . . . mons

    (lines 3-4)?
A ship is pulled beneath the waves.
More winds arrive from the mountains.
They turn the prow into the storm with the help of

     their oars.
The ship is broadsided and capsized.

5. To whom or what do hi and his refer (line 5)?
fluctus (line 2)
remi (line 3)
the ships (implied)
the men (implied)

6. What indicates the storm's power in lines 5-6?
Some winds are at sea, some on the land.
It brings the ships to an island in the sea.
The tidal waves are driven far inland.
The sea bottom is laid bare.

7. What happens to three ships, according to tris . . .

    summo (lines 7-9)?
They seek shelter.
They head south from Italy.
They whirl around powerless.
They are dashed onto the rocks.

8. What happens to another three ships, according to

    tris . . . harenae (lines 9-11)?
The waves dash against them.
They run aground.
They are blasted by a sandstorm.
They are briefly driven toward Syria.

9. Identify the form visu (line 10).
perfect passive participle

10. What is the correct translation of miserabile visu

     (line 10)?
pitiful to see
a miserable sight
having seen such misery
seeming pitiful