A.P.* Multiple Choice: Thetis with Achilles and Jupiter (Ilias Latina 83-95)
* = Abney Practice

Read about Thetis's interactions with Achilles and Jupiter in this Latin translation of the Iliad.
Then choose the correct answer for the questions that follow.
Ilias Latina


At Thetis audita nati prece deserit undas
castraque Myrmidonum iuxta petit et monet armis
abstineat dextram ac congressibus; inde per auras
emicat aetherias et in aurea sidera fertur.
Tunc genibus regis sparsis affusa capillis:                5
"Pro nato veni genetrix et ad tua supplex
numina, summe parens; ulciscere meque meumque
corpus ab Atrida, quodsi permittitur illi
ut flammas impune mei violarit Achillis,
turpiter occiderit superata libidine virtus."                10
Iuppiter haec contra: "Tristes depone querelas,
magni diva maris, mecum labor iste manebit.
Tu solare tui maerentia pectora nati."

Baebius Italicus, Ilias Latina 83-95

(Excerpt from Baebius Italicus, Ilias Latina, available online here.)

1. What is the correct scansion of the first four feet of

    line 1?

2. What has transpired before this scene to bring about

    Thetis's divine intervention?
Achilles and Agamemnon have quarreled.
Achilles has tried to set sail for home.
Agamemnon has married a captive.
Achilles has returned from a dangerous battle.

3. What does Thetis tell her son to do (lines 2-3)?
attack his enemies
meet with the Greek leaders to plan
quit fighting
avoid combat on the right flank

4. What happens according to per . . . fertur

    (lines 3-4)?
Anger flashes on Achilles's face.
Achilles's shout reaches the heavens.
Thetis flies to Mt. Olympus.
Everyone has overheard a supposedly private quarrel.

5. What word or words suggest the extreme condition of

    Thetis in her concern for her son (lines 3-4)?
Tunc (line 5)
genibus regis (line 5)
sparsis . . . capillis (line 5)
affusa (line 5)

6. Identify the form and meaning of ulciscere (line 7).
present active imperative--avenge!
present active infinitive--to avenge
perfect active indicative--they have avenged
future active indicative--you will avenge

Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, Jupiter and Thetis
courtesy of Kathleen Cohen at World Images Kiosk

7. Explain the meaning of meumque corpus

    (lines 7-8).
The wound cuts to Thetis's heart.
It renames Thetis in apposition to me (line 7).
It is metonymy for Achilles.
Atreides has attacked her.

8. Who is Atrida (line 8)?

9. In a twist from Homer's original, with its motives of

    envy and ego, what does Thetis allege motivates her

    son's rival (line 10)?

10. How does Jupiter respond (line 11)?
He promises to avenge Achilles.
He complains about Thetis's harangue.
He says the conflict saddens him.
He ignores Thetis's complaints,

     remaining above the fray.

11. What figure of speech occurs in line 13?