A.P.* Multiple Choice: Another Hero, Another Pep Talk (Valerius Flaccus 5.312-28)
* = Abney Practice

Read about another hero's inspirational words to his men.
Then choose the correct answer for the questions that follow.
Ilias Latina


tunc defixa solo coetuque intenta silenti
versus ad ora virum, "quod primum ingentibus ausis
optavistis," ait, "veterumque quod horruit aetas,
adsumus en tantumque fretis enavimus orbem.
nec pelagi nos mille viae nec fama fefellit                  5
soligenam Aeeten media regnare sub Arcto.
ergo ubi lux altum sparget mare, tecta petenda
urbis et ignoti mens experienda tyranni.
adnuet ipse, reor, neque inexorabile certe
quod petimus. sin vero preces et dicta superbus      10
respuerit, iam nunc animos firmate repulsae,
quaque via patriis referamus vellera terris,
stet potius: rebus semper pudor absit in artis."
dixerat et Scythicam qui se comitentur ad urbem
sorte petit numeroque novem ducuntur ab omni.       15
inde viam, qua Circaei plaga proxima campi,
corripiunt regemque petunt iam luce reducta.

Valerius Flaccus 5.312-28

(Excerpt from Valerius Flaccus online here: Book 5.)

1. Where are the men looking (line 1)?
at the sun and their leader
at the ground and each other
at the only group of people in sight
at the silent ground

2. What is the correct translation of versus . . .

    virum (line 2)?
turning his face to his men
having been turned to the words of his men
having turned toward his men's faces
having turned the man toward his face

3. What have previous ages done (line 3)?
paved the way for new adventures
refused the challenge
modeled bravery and courage

4. What has this current group accomplished (line 4)?
sailed across the world
survived a storm
wandered in circles
fled from disaster

5. Of what may this stalwart band be proud (line 5)?
They have not strayed or wavered.
They have traveled beyond all human ken.
They have deceived their enemies at sea.
Their fame has spread around the world.

6. According to media . . . Arcto where does the

   kingdom of Aeetes most likely lie (line 6)?

7. What action must the band of heroes take,

    according to tecta . . . tyranni (lines 7-8)?
attack the tyrant's city
seek out the king for an audience
learn who rules this unknown land
find out where they are

8. What figure of speech occurs in line 8?
synchesis (interlocking word order)


9. What does the speaker anticipate in adnuet . . .

    petimus (lines 9-10)?
The gods will give them victory.
They will have to use force.
The king will welcome their embassy.
The king will grant their wish.

10. What figure of speech occurs in line 9?
juxtaposition (antithesis)
transferred epithet
hysteron proteron

11. What is the correct scansion of the first four

      feet of line 10?

12. What is the correct translation of rebus . . .

      artis (line 13)?
let decency always be absent in difficult

let decency always go away from severe

let modesty ever be at hand in dire straits
let shame always keep us from difficult affairs

13. What happens according to Scythicam . . .

      omni (lines 14-15)?
A new leader is chosen.
A delegation is chosen by lot.
They wait nine hours before setting out.
They attack the city in nine waves.

14. What is the time (line 17)?

15. Who is the speaker of this passage?