Fun with Pronouns and Adjectives

Supply the correct forms of the following pronoun/adjective forms based on the clues. You will need to know forms of ille, is, qui, and quis/quid. You may ask for a hint, but will lose points if you do so.

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 5  6          
     7    8    
      10     11  
   12 13         


1Femina, ___ vidi, erat Aurelia. (whom)
4Ianitores custodiunt ianuas _____ domuum. (of those, but use an "is" form)
6Via, in ____ multitudo stabat, erat plena hominum et strepituum. (which)
7Ille puer est Marcus. Agnovi _____ statim. (him, but use a form of "is.")
8This word is both the nominative and accusative form for "you (all)," 2nd person plural.
9This form is both the dative and ablative plural of the 1st person plural pronoun.
10Aurigae, _____ equi semper vincunt, laeti sunt. (whose--careful!)
12This pronoun is 3rd person singular dative case for all three genders and means "to/for himself, herself, itself, themselves."
14Ancilla, _____ mater stolam sordidam dedit, eam diligenter lavit. (to whom)
15Videsne me? Video _____. (you--think carefully!)
16This form is the genitive singular for all three genders of "is, ea, id."


1This relative pronoun does quadruple duty: nom. sing. fem., nom. plur. fem., nom. plur. neut, and acc. plur. neut.
2Flavia in silvis _____cum ambulabat. (me)
3Puellae, _____ Sextus vexabat, iratae erant. (whom)
5_____ domum redeo. (No hint, but it's very emphatic to say it this way.)
6_____ pater in Foro occurrit? (Whom--plural, but watch the verb!)
10_____ facis? (What)
11Titus _____ Circum monstravit. (me)
13_____ magna voce clamavit. (That man, he--in one word)
14Mercator, _____ glires optimi sunt, tabernam prope Forum tenuit. (whose)
15_____ non licet in urbem solus exire. (You--singular, but think carefully.)
16This word can mean "she," but usually means "those things" and is a form of "is."