Practice the Phrases of Latin

Choose the phrase that could best be used as an equivalent to the phrase provided. Note: suggested translations are not necessarily the only correct possibilities, just the best among the given choices. Tip: cum + subjunctive = when, since, although. Tip: watch tense and type of participles when making your choice. For help, see the chart at All choices offer feedback.

1. piratae aggressi (deponent)

piratae aggredientes
piratae aggredientur
piratae qui aggressi erant
piratae aggrediendi sunt

2. navis ventis iactata

venti navem iactabant
navis ventis iactanda est
navis ventis iactatur
postquam navis ventis iactata erat

3. cum nautae effugere conarentur (deponent)

quamquam nautae effugere conabantur
nautae qui effugere conabantur
nautae effugere conati
nautis effugiendum est

4. domino in scapham desiliente

cum dominus in scapham desiliret
cum dominus in scapham desiluisset

5. domino desiliendum est

dominus desilire debet
necesse est domino desilire
desilire dominum oportet
domino desiliente