Hippolytus 1

Gap-fill exercise

Complete the myth of Hippolythus by filling in the missing information. Use proper names wherever possible (e.g., Theseus) instead of common nouns (e.g., king or son). You may click on the hint or clue buttons if you need help, but you will lose points if you do so.
was the son of King of and the queen of the .
He was a follower of , one of the three virgin goddesses.
His stepmother fell in love with him.
Her urged her to seduce her stepson.
rejected ’s advances and stormed out of the palace.
hanged herself but left behind a note.
She claimed that had assaulted her.
returned to the palace and found his wife.
Enraged, he called upon to destroy .
A wave crushed .
found his dying son, and the goddess made peace between them.
All of them blamed the goddess for the tragedy that had happened.
called upon the healer , the son of the god , to raise from the dead.
changed his name to , which means “Twice a Man” in the language, and moved to .
was enraged that had dared to bring the dead back to life and killed him with a .
blamed the for making the thunderbolts of and killed them.
As punishment, sentenced to a year of slavery on earth to King of .
worked as a shepherd.
Because has treated him kindly, repaid the king.
He learned from the that the king was fated to die.
He got the drunk, they agreed that might live if someone would die in his place.
No one would take ’s place except for his wife .
On the day that was being mourned, the hero arrived for a visit.
The household treated the hero kindly.
As a reward, went to the cemetery and wrestled with until he won back .