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This figure of nobles playing a game of chess serves as the frontispiece of Cessolis, Libro di Giuco di Schacchi, published 1493-94 in Florence.  For all your medieval and early Renaissance woodcut needs, please go to Medieval Woodcut Clipart Collection.
For a more macabre view of the periods in questions, visit the Macabre Clipart Site.
Build on the knowledge of the past to shape your future.  Lingua Latina aeterna est.

Check out our t-shirt design for the year:

Marquette Latin Club Schedule 03-04
All meetings in Rm. G16 unless otherwise noted.

Certamen practice: Tuesdays
Greek Club: Wednesdays

Books on Tape:

Tuesday, October 7
***Costume contest and party: come as your favorite god or goddess.

NOTE: You must have paid your $6.00 in dues to attend the meeting.

Tuesday, November 4
***Roman banquet in togas
***Be sure to get a recipe from Mr. A.

Saturday, November 15
***Fall Classics Festival
***depart: 7:00 a.m.
***return: 5:30 p.m.
Registration is normally $5.00.

Tuesday, December 9
***Saturnalia Roman costume banquet
***Ask Mr. A for a recipe.
Tuesday, January 13, 3:00-5:00 Rescheduled!!
***pizza and movie: TBA
***Bring a dollar to help defray expenses.

Tuesday, February 3, 3:00-5:00

Tuesday, March 3
***Roman games day

Tuesday, April 13
***Spring Convention preparation

Saturday, April 24
***MOJCL Spring Convention in Columbia, MO

Other meetings will occur as needed to plan for these major monthly events.

MAJOR NEWS: 2005 National JCL Convention in
Columbia, MO, on the Mizzou Campus

Certamen Box
Certamen Practice: Tuesdays, 3:00-4:00 in Room G16
NOTE: These resources come and go like the wind.  Please pardon any dead links.

Certamen Resources Online (updated 9-27-03)
1.   Certamen Database
2.   The Latin Library (Virginia Certamen Questions)
3.   Medusa Mythology Exam
a.   1997
b.   1998
c.   1999 
d.   2000
e.   2001
f.    2002 (as a .pdf file)
g.   2003 (as a .pdf file)   
h.   Print out these exams plus item analysis here.
6.  Grammar Formation
    a.   Verbs
i.   active to passive 1
ii.  passive to active 1
iii. tense changes 1
iv. tense changes 2
v.  indicative to subjunctive 1
    b.   Nouns 
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tantae molis erat t-shirt
tantae molis erat t-shirt